"Our Prom Was Awesome!"

"We'll remember it for the rest of our lives!"

Four Star DJ Events

Our DJ's get it!

Not every DJ can, or even wants to do proms and school dances. It takes energy and skill to keep the party energized. You don't want stodgy, you don't want dull, but you want someone who can read the crowd and knows how and when to crank it up and when the right time is for the slow dances. We have all the songs you want, all with clean edits.

Dancefloor Lighting

You will be amazed at what we can do with lights. The right lighting energizes an event. The right lights allow you to spend less on your other decor. We can even create a unique monogram that we project on the wall commemorating your prom - maybe with your school's logo, or something that picks up your theme. We would love to share ideas with you.

Award Winning DJs

We consistently win awards year after year for a reason. Our service is unsurpassed, but mostly people love us and recommend us because our events are legendary. You can count on something different when you hire Four Star DJ Events. You can count on memorable. You can ALWAYS count on FUN!

"Four Star was the best!"

Administrators love us! Better yet, students love us!