What to do about wedding disruptions caused by the Coronavirus shutdown

By fourstardjevents | March 25, 2020

The Coronavirus will pass. The lockdown will end. Life will go on. In the meantime, our lives have been upended more dramatically than by any event since World War II or 9/11. Here is a cross sections of infections across the country as of Monday: Alabama 196 cases Illinois 105…

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balanced wedding budget

How a lopsided wedding budget can spoil your celebration

By fourstardjevents | March 16, 2020

How would you like to attend a wedding where the bride wears a $33,931 wedding gown? But there are no flowers. No ceremony music. No wedding reception. No dancing. No food. No cake. No photography. No invitations. No honeymoon. Nothing, because she blew her entire wedding budget on the gown?…

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romantic first dance song

The most romantic first dance song

By fourstardjevents | March 9, 2020

The Knot lists John Legend’s “All of Me” as the most romantic first dance song around, perfect for your first wedding dance song. “All of me” became Legend’s first #1 hit when it was released on 2013. He dedicated the song to his wife, television personality and Sports Illustrated swimsuit…

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wedding venues

Banquet halls decline in popularity when it comes to wedding venues

By fourstardjevents | March 1, 2020

The Knot surveys wedding trends each year. Their 2018 survey found that  couples are getting increasingly creative in searching for cool wedding venues, at the expense of banquet halls. As recently as 2009, banquet halls represented 29% of all venues according to surveyed couples. But by 2017, the number dropped…

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Cole Porter for Millennials

Cole Porter for Millennials

By fourstardjevents | February 24, 2020

Cole Porter transformed music in America by writing smart, witty, and totally catchy songs for theater and popular culture. And yet he is even less known among millennials than George Gershwin, who we wrote about last week. Millennials should get to know this giant, because he wrote love songs still…

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Gershwin for Millennials

Gershwin for Millennials

By fourstardjevents | February 17, 2020

George Gershwin is one of the greatest American songwriters ever. His songs are still played at weddings to this day, and yet 3 out of 10 millennials have never heard of him. Gershwin lived and died in the early part of the 20th century. Songs have changed dramatically since that…

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one minute wedding toast

How to give a one minute wedding toast (and why you should!)

By fourstardjevents | February 10, 2020

How many bad wedding toasts have you heard? Too many! Long toasts get boring fast, and frankly, most toasts ARE too long. It’s simply hard for an average Joe to pull off a scintillating toast that dazzles your guests. So what do you do? Keep it short by making a…

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language of love

The language of love

By fourstardjevents | February 3, 2020

What kind of person are you? You have a unique opportunity to express the essence of who you are during your wedding vows. These few minutes define the rest of your life. Consider them carefully. For inspiration, let’s soak in some beautiful expressions of the language of love found in…

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movie soundtrack songs for wedding ceremonies

The best movie soundtrack songs for wedding ceremonies evoke strong emotions

By fourstardjevents | January 27, 2020

The cinema is a treasure trove of great music for soon-to-be married couples. Last week, we considered some of the most romantic music written by the legendary Italian composer, Ennio Morricone. This week, let’s broaden our scope and consider the best movie soundtrack songs for wedding ceremonies written by other…

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movie wedding songs

Check out these movie soundtracks for great wedding ceremony music

By fourstardjevents | January 20, 2020

Movie soundtracks are the new classical music. Some of the most innovative movie composers around are masters of the symphonic idiom. Some great movie wedding songs have emerged from the movie genre that you might want to consider for your wedding ceremony. Let’s focus on a single master of the…

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