Check out these movie soundtracks for great wedding ceremony music

movie wedding songsMovie soundtracks are the new classical music. Some of the most innovative movie composers around are masters of the symphonic idiom. Some great movie wedding songs have emerged from the movie genre that you might want to consider for your wedding ceremony.

Let’s focus on a single master of the form, the great Italian composer, Ennio Morricone. Mr. Morricone is a gifted composer of romantic melodies, a talent common among Italy’s finest composers.

Gabriel’s Oboe

I recently attended a wedding where the bride made her entrance to a beautiful piece of music Morricone composed in 1986 for the movie, “The Mission.” The song is called “Gabriel’s Oboe.” Here’s how it sounds as a piano solo, which is what I heard at the wedding I attended:

Very nice. Now listen to it as you heard it in the movie soundtrack:

It totally blows the piano solo away. The oboe and orchestra add an emotional depth that will make your entrance transcend time. Most San Antonio weddings can afford a good piano player, but few can afford an orchestra. So what do you do? Simply ask us. Four Star Entertainment has an entire orchestra at our beck and call, because we’re DJs. Yes, you can make your entrance to music that beautiful through the miracle of a high-end recording played on clear, cutting edge equipment.

Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso

If possible, Mr. Morricone outdid himself in 1990 with the love theme from the Academy Award winning film, “Cinema Paradiso.” Imagine processing into your wedding celebration to this rich melody and orchestration:

Now watch a romantic scene from Cinema Paradiso defined by this lovely piece of music:

This prolific composer has written film scores for a who’s who of cinema’s great directors, from Quentin Tarantino to Sergio Leone. He’s famous for edgy sound tracks that break new ground. You’ll hear an innovative fusion of the human voice with symphonic sounds in his film scores. And yet his romantic melodies go beyond those produced by his contemporaries. That’s why wedding couples should explore his rich song book.

Main Theme from Once Upon a Time in the West

Listen to the main theme from the 1968 classic, “Once Upon a Time in the West.”

What majesty, which is the word that should define a bride’s wedding entrance. Morricone breaks the mold in this piece by handing off the wordless melody to the vocal stylings of soprano, Susana Gigacci. You’ll use the first three minutes of this piece at most.

Simply put, great movie wedding songs like those composed by Ennio Morricone add an emotional heft that magnify the beauty of your wedding ceremony.

Four Star Entertainment knows that local wedding musicians aren’t always able to do justice to music this sophisticated. In fairness, they’re trying to match the beauty of an orchestra with a single instrument or two. We can be the game changers you’re looking for. We can bring the nobility of an entire orchestra to your wedding ceremony at an affordable price.

Your wedding ceremony should be defined by beauty, and that includes beautiful music. Whether it’s Morricone or Mozart, we can provide exactly the music you request. And our professional equipment is so good, so clear, and so controlled, that the music will sound awesome in any venue, indoors or outdoors.

And when it’s time for your wedding reception, we’ve got all the entertainment you’ve ever dreamed of! If you want to take your San Antonio wedding ceremony AND your wedding reception to the next level, call Four Star Entertainment: 1-210-326-0649.