How a lopsided wedding budget can spoil your celebration

balanced wedding budgetHow would you like to attend a wedding where the bride wears a $33,931 wedding gown? But there are no flowers. No ceremony music. No wedding reception. No dancing. No food. No cake. No photography. No invitations. No honeymoon. Nothing, because she blew her entire wedding budget on the gown? What a bore.

According to The Knot, the average 2018 wedding couple nationally spent $33,931 on their wedding. (According to Value Penguin, though, the average Texas wedding couple spends $24,520.) One key to a successful wedding is a balanced wedding budget.

In reality, an average bride spends a little less than 4% of her budget on the gown compared to 45% on the cost of the reception venue.

One key to a balanced wedding budget is the entertainment.

According The Knot, entertainment and music takes up a smidge less than ten percent of a typical wedding budget, but it provides ninety percent of the fun! In other words, a small part of your budget, has a disproportionate impact on the success of your event. That’s why you should never scrimp on the entertainment.

And again, according to The Knot, an awesome DJ company (like us) costs you less than a third of a typical wedding band.

Not only does Four Star Entertainment provide the customized music that packs your dance floor, we also provide gorgeous decor lighting and crazy fun photo booths.

Your balanced wedding budget begins with a smart choice on the entertainment. That’s why you should make Four Star Entertainment your first call: 1-210-326-0649.