Should you use ‘first look wedding photos’ on your wedding day?

first look wedding photos


Wedding photography is a wildly creative art form. You can find wedding photographers who have honed their own unique style that goes beyond the traditional. First look wedding photos qualify as one of the hottest trends in recent years.

Sometimes it’s simply the first look a bride gets of herself after hair and make up are done, and she dons her gown.

First look photos bend tradition

But sometimes first look wedding photos bend tradition by capturing the first look a dad, a mom, bridesmaids, or even the groom gets of a beautiful bride BEFORE the ceremony begins! Shocking! Not for the superstitious!

On the other hand, it allows those photographers who are true artists to capture the sublime, simply because the setting is more private.

These are the photographs you will remember forever, as you can see above. U.K. photographer, Fiona Walsh, captured the father/daughter bond in a simply priceless photo.

The key to successful first look wedding photos is to leave plenty of time for them, at least an hour before the ceremony. Once the ceremony begins, your life becomes a whirl, so this quiet time alone with your betrothed is golden, and the perfect set-up to a first look photo.

Be forewarned: first look photo sessions aren’t for everyone. Brides Magazine asked recent brides what they thought. Some loved them while others really disliked the entire concept.

First look photo advantages

An advantage: when you get great photos before the ceremony, it reduces the number needed afterwards so you can get to your reception sooner.

Another advantage: it creates a special opportunity to capture a tender photo of a dad as he sees his daughter a last time before he gives her away in marriage.

But for traditionalists, nothing beats saving the first look for the ceremony. It’s your call. Ask your wedding photographers what they think.

When it comes time for your reception, you’ll shift from a mindset focused on your ‘first look’ to one directed towards your ‘first dance.’ What a moment! Four Star Entertainment will make it special with the perfect song of your choice played on clear, controlled equipment, and announced with professional flair by a wedding entertainment specialist.

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